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Visualize and count the countries you have visited

Use the world map as a digital scratch map and mark all the countries you have already visited with a few simple mouse clicks. Whether it was a brief city excursion, an extensive vacation, or a phase of living abroad, you can capture and visualize those experiences on this map. If you're unable to locate the countries you have visited on the map, the list beneath it is your guide.

Countries Visited Checklist

The following form lists all countries globally, including numerous dependent territories, organized by continent. Simply select the country by checking the box, and watch as it automatically fills with color on the map. This action will also increase the country counter by one. Additionally, you can directly observe the percentage of the world you have already traveled.

Have you gone through the list and marked all your visited places? Which countries are still missing? Let a random country name generator inspire you for your next destination.

Countries to Visit

Have you already been to ... ? Based on your countries visited checklist above and the Most Visited Countries in the World, we have the following travel recommendations for you:

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Embark on a visual journey with our interactive map of the world with all countries that lets you explore and highlight the countries you have visited. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just starting your adventures, our scratch map feature allows you to mark the countries you've been to, creating a personalized travel history that showcases your global experiences. Easily navigate the map, select countries by name, and watch as each destination comes to life with vibrant colors. The user-friendly interface lets you document your travel milestones effortlessly. Want to share your wanderlust with friends? Our platform makes it simple to share your customized map, allowing you to relive your adventures and inspire others to explore the world. So, start pinning, scratching, and sharing – because every journey deserves to be celebrated and remembered on your own personalized map of the world.

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